Our beautiful handfed babies are incubator hatched and lovingly cared for under the strictest of avian breeding and care standards, of which we adhere to stringently in our nursery. The All Macaws nursery housed in our closed aviary and operated in close communication with our veterinarian of 16 years. Our babies are well socialized, having been raised in our home as members of our own family in order for them to become ready to be a member of yours. They are quite comfortable around all ages, including the elderly and young children (however supervision is always strongly advised). They are also comfortable around other family pets (however caution is strongly advised for the safety and well being of both your current pets and your new bird). Please note that all of our babies are sold FULLY WEANED, with no exceptions. There is an assumption (and we all know what that means...) that finishing the weaning of your baby will strengthen the ond between the baby and his/her new owner This is absolutely untrue, and for the safety of your new bird, buying it from us or not, never accept a bird unweaned.Your birds life depends on your understanding and respect of this critical issue.

Never buy an unweaned baby.

Below is our list of available babies. Shipping throughout the US is available (weather permitting for the safety of your bird). If you are interested in purchasing a baby, or being placed on the waiting list for one of our gorgeous Hyacinth Macaws, please contact us directly for more information at or call 609-965-1456.

Macaw Babies

Bolivian Blue and Gold Macaw.  You could expect to pay between $1,300 and $1,500 for a weaned baby.
Giant Greenwing Macaw.  You could expect to pay between $2,200 and $2,500 for a weaned baby.
Hyacinths Macaw.  There is a waiting list for these beautiful babies.  You could expect to pay $11,000 and up for a weaned baby

Additional Services

  • DNA sexing of your new baby is available for an additional (however once you select a baby, and DNA is done for that particular baby, you will not have the option to change your mind on sex, unless you wish to pay an additional DNA sexing fee for another bird)..... $39.00

  • Veterinary check and certificate required for air shipping. This cost is an additional ... $50.00

  • Shipping costs, subject to change dependent on airline selection and current market rates ..... $175-$225.00
  • *** Please note: Additional purchase of one of our airline approved pet carriers of appropriate size for your bird is required for air shipping..... $35.00 - $50.00 ***

    A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all babies in order to secure your new bird. Arrangements will be made to transfer your new baby to you once the bird is fully weaned and ready for his/her new home. Remaining balance is due and payable prior to transfer of the bird to your possession.

    Click here for a printable version of the full
    Typical Avian Sales Agreement and Deposit Receipt